Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

It is of high importance to develop an efficient communication of research results to ensure a correct impact on the industry community. Adatica and Actemium have different communication channels. 

The dissemination of the results is a fundamental activity for all the involved partners in the project.

The dissemination will be focused on informing industrial users (but also for academic institutions that provide research services to industry) on use of hybrid laminar flow control monitored through complex sensorization. The project will especially focus on opening lines of communication for the effective exchange of valuable information, emerging technologies, novel methodologies and a wide range of engineering experiences, while the consortium at the same time will disseminate the project’s results to a broad audience.

The wide range of applicability of the HLFC4.0 project results to many different industries (aeronautic but also automotive, railway, energy like Oil&gas…) and practices will be considered during their dissemination, since the different audiences targeted will be approached according to their characteristics and needs.

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